I Tried to Stop the Cold War Mentality

Eingetragen am 21. Apr. 2016
Yassen Zassoursky talks about his academic career, his commitment in IAMCR and promoting mutual understanding in the international arena. The piece is an edited compilation of two interviews conducted by Michael Meyen (November 2012) and Kaarle Nordenstreng (September 2015) in Moscow.

I Really Do Have a Lot of Questions

Eingetragen am 4. Jan. 2016
Janet Wasko talks about her academic career, the political economy of communication approach, the situation of critical scholars in the US field, and the past and future of IAMCR. Thomas Wiedemann led the interview on October 23, 2015 in Madrid.

Promoting Democracy and Equality

Eingetragen am 21. Jun. 2013
Kaarle Nordenstreng talks about his academic career, his institutional commitment, and bridge-building within the international scientific community. The interview was led by Michael Meyen on July 24, 2012 via Skype.